Welcome – feel better and enact meaningful change

Aligning Therapies has been created with the intent to heal ourselves and heal others. It is in our journey of self-development that we find challenges that can facilitate our personal growth.

We are here to help and guide you and show you that there is a better way than the current system of beliefs that society finds itself stuck in.

We can make this world a better place by focusing on love and Oneness, with compassion and mutual understanding.

It only takes one person to save the world and that person is YOU- start with yourself.

Check out our Services to find out whether you would like to book a session with us. We offer our services globally over the phone & online.

Hoping to aid you in your path and to be of your assistance.

Amanda & Troy – A&T

“Thank you very much for the opportunity Amanda. Highly recommended. Amanda is such a lovely woman gave me a reading and with what she said really resonated with me. I think if you’re interested it is something you must try. Thanks again and I’ll certainly be back”

A. Hoskin

I recently went to a meditation – Rekindle Your Passion, that was run by Amanda at Aligning Therapies. Wow! What a beautiful and energetic facilitator Amanda is. Everything about the experience was wonderful from her voice, the journey and the intention. I felt the energy still moving for some time after the meditation and certainly have uncovered lessons and treasure to continue working with. If you are looking into balancing your energies and understanding your feminine and masculine energies more clearly I highly recommend talking to Amanda about it.”

Nikki D.

I’ve had a wonderful experience with Reiki healing and counselling both together with Amanda. I’m not usually one for opening up but felt comfortable to do so. I’ve used the Chakra bed and found it to be very relaxing and calming. I felt it was a wonderful way to reconnect with myself.

Andrea B.