By Nostraamandamus

Sometimes love doesn’t come, it just is. it is when we try to ascribe it to a certain feeling, word or action, that we crucify ourselves and others around us when we do not meet our standard goals. Who says love has to have a label? Love comes in very different ways, my dear reader. It can be a poem, a song, a kind word or action. Sometimes love can also be tough. And that is fine. You wouldn’t want your child to burn their hand with fire. Likewise, God does not want to see you in pain.

But sometimes pain is the key to the suffering that allows us to See. To See with a capital S, with a capital Y, the why that leads to Enlightenment. Embrace love, my dear reader. Treasure it, feel it.

Feel also fear and let it go. There is no need for us to carry so heavy burdens, most of them which come from the past. Most of our energy patterns are not even our own! I have come to learn this in my own healing journey. Mum, dad, even siblings and grandparents can help us create and build patterns of existence that don’t pertain to us. Because we are Essence, we are God.

In saying this, I know it may sound a bit confronting for some. But if you follow this blog you might come to understand what I mean with the term God. I don’t mean it as a boxed-in word which describes a bearded man up in the sky who watches over us as a Father in Heaven. And, don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful excuse to leading a kind of life when it leads you to doing the right thing.

What is the right thing, you may ask? Let’s go back to the beginning of this conversation. The right thing is love, the right thing is transcending fear so that nothing else stays in your energetic field except for love. This is how you travel back to your Essence, how you travel back to God.

Whether you choose to do this through the beautiful energy of Jesus, through Buddha, Krishna or Allah, to me they are all the same- prophets, angels, entities who incarnated into this planet to show us the vibrational frequency of love.

What for? We may ask ourselves. And ain’t not that the trick to Humanity?! I think we are all trying to find out answers- the answers to our fundamental existence. I truly believe we won’t be able to get them unless we all work together sharing our Essence in love.

This is tricky because you have to stand strong like a tree and take the winds that come blowing straight at you. Once you get through the storm you become accustomed to it and you realize that Darkness is just another state of matter. You can learn to ride the wave, learn to enjoy the storm and even start dancing in it.

Darkness allows us to get to the Light.

So be brave, my friend. Dare to dare, to try, to explore and more so to run away only when the fear and the pain have gone away.

So sit still, let it all in and then release it all to God.

God knows, and It will transform it into love.

Ain’t that the trick, dear reader? Ain’t that the trick, Humanity?

Love yourself before you love anyone else and then love Humanity with all your heart so that your passion and your existence become united into one amazing tapestry of thoughts, worries, compassion and acceptance. Think about it-acceptance of the ego, worry about our fellow citizens who ain’t choosing love and compassion for those same ones who crucify us only because they crucify themselves.

Hoping to be of assistance with these words, wherever you may find yourself in your journey, fellow Citizen of Planet Earth.

Listen to the voice of God and everything else will fade away. In love, with love, for love.

Remember, this is not about you, but it is for you.

So, just live your life!

At your service.

A &T

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