Magical World

By Nostraamandamus

This is a magical world, a magical creation. A tapestry of infinite possibilities that we can choose to weave together- or separate. Either way it is our choice. Whether we choose to do it out of hatred or out of love it is also our choice.

It is up to us what we decide. Our only duty is to focus on our consequences- which we can’t even fathom most of the time. Until the action has been done, the wheel of karma doesn’t start to spin. It is then that we ought to face our inner demons- our inner world.

So weave your tapestry, dear reader. Weave it beautifully like a magnificent mosaic. Just remember to include others in your choice, for we are all in this together and without one piece the rest of the puzzle is not done.

We are here to teach each other, to let ourselves grow and to allow for the other to see itself through the mirror that we provide for them. It might be tricky, it might sound mad. But it is what it is. And, in a nutshell, you and me, we both know that we never know what awaits for us. So why not do good then? Why wait for others to dictate our choice?

In your hands is the decision to follow God or not. Go home to Hell or home to Destiny. And the Destiny that is marked by fate is always the Path To God.

Remember that when you allow others to be, you allow yourself the gift of forgiveness, the present of acceptance, the presence of the being. What a wonderful gift that is, my dear reader. No inhibitions, no distractions, just pure love.

If we were all to act from that space of love, from the space that has overcome fear- emotionally, rationally and energetically, we would all benefit from the deal. It is not a big deal, some of you may say, what I choose to do or not.

Well, what if I were to tell you that it is? What if I were to remind you of the importance of your actions, especially in the beautiful tapestry that we are all weaving together?

Would you act differently, would you change your mind, or would you go back to the home of Hell that you have built in your mind with your ego?

It might sound intricate; it might sound bad. But it isn’t. It is the simple Truth. And that is, that you and me, we are in this together. We are in this sowing room weaving the Grander Scheme of Things, and if you don’t do what you are chosen to pursue, someone else will. Not out of spite, but out of might- the courage that God needs for its fellow citizens. The children of God are actual warriors of love.

Please remember this.

In love and light and at your service.

With mercy,

A & T

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