The moment you let go, the moment you surrender is the day you start to earn. You earn back your dignity; you earn back your Life.

We seem to be so wrapped up in trying to defend our hurt egos, that we forget that anything out of love is not deemed to be respected. It doesn’t matter whether he said this or she did that. We all seem to be carrying this energy that is projected outwards to hurt. It is understandable- somewhere along the line you got hurt.

The ego is just here to protect you, my friend. It is just telling you that one day, in the past, whenever it was, something or someone said or did something (that person could have very well been yourself) and that made you lose your pride. Whether it was your dignity or your smile, something changed in you and not for the better but for the worse.

From that day on, you started to repeat and recreate those patterns of energy that were engrained in you. Some of them are not even yours, my dear friend! Yes, I agree, we all have to take ownership of ourselves. But sometimes it helps to know that we are acting as a collective field, helping each other reach Ascension. That means getting rid of all the debris and junk that we have been carrying for so long. So some things are not mine, some things come from the past, way down the track.

I have come to realize that, (bless her heart), some of the things I am doing come from my mum. It is as if I were stuck in repeat mode and only when I grasp awareness of what is going on, am I able to shift and change that field into the energy of love.

It took me a while to get there. At the beginning all I could see was what you did to me… You can relate, right?

So anyways, down the track I started to learn about Love and Compassion. And I write them with a capital letter because I am talking about the real Love and Compassion that comes from the heart and not from the mind. The ones that are linked to the Universal Life Force Energy, so called Love.

But, let’s go further and put a spin on this. What if in reality that Universal Life Force is also dark? What if we are trying to defeat something that is there no matter what? I mean, how would you know there is light if you have never seen the darkness?

It is a little bit like that, my dear reader. When you encounter yourself in the Darkness, remind yourself (or get others to remind you, for when you are in this state it is difficult to snap out of it, especially if you haven’t practiced enough) that you are loved. You are loved by others and you are loved by God. Because, well, remember this- this is the punch line- You Are God!

Yes, I know, it is difficult to explain and even harder to understand. That is only so because you are thinking with your mind. Now, remember how I started this piece? I said

The moment you let go, the moment you surrender is the day you start to earn. You earn back your dignity, you earn back your Life.

And that is the trick to life. It is surrendering to the ego and facing Life. Staring Death in the eyes and telling to it- I am no longer afraid of you, I can see this is only fear.

Life is magical, life is grand. But also is death, for without it we wouldn’t have our might. We wouldn’t have the courage to leave or to stay, to ponder or roam around, for we would just be living like an animal.

Animals just are. And that is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes that is not enough. Obviously, God had other plans for Humanity. It thought it would be a better idea to get to know Itself through Us. Yes, that means through You, my dear reader!

So, let go of your thoughts, detach from who did what and focus on God. Focus on being the best version of yourself you can be so that by releasing all your debris (and this can be mum’s, dad’s, Nana’s or your partner’s ex-wife), we can all help God get to higher levels of Ascension, so that ultimately It can know Itself.

In the end, maybe this is all the game of life is. Maybe we are just here to live a future that God once dreamed. Those of you who are ready will come along to the party. Those of you who aren’t, might commit suicide to come back in another life.

We are the same unified energy, so eventually you will be back and will have to face and transcend all your errors. And there is no error if the lesson has been learned. So, focus on your life, your lessons, your might and find the courage to fight all those demons that reside inside. Whatever mum did, dad said, you are probably carrying. Help them help themselves to fix this planet by facing the wrong and accepting the right. That only means that you ought to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and go within to explore the possibilities that reside inside. Mostly that is peace and love.


They seem simple, they might seem fine. But they are more than bright. They are the light that drives our motor to keep searching, diving deep within and finding our inner courage to face our dreams.

Remember, this is a dream, my friend. It is a foreseeable dream that once God had and It is trying to be lived by Life. This cannot happen if you are stuck on your ego, on your pride, on the death of your mind.

Only when you surrender to loving, only when you give of yourself, when you sacrifice for the Greater Good, can you find that Peace and that Love. That is called Freedom, that is called God.

Enjoy my friend. And remember, if you have any queries or need help in your journey of Ascension, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Facebook Aligning Therapies or on 0422168505.

Till the next read. Feel you then!


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