Balancing You

Balancing The Masculine & Feminine

Have you ever wondered what is wrong with your relationship? Why do you seem to feel so unfulfilled? It is pretty simple. Sometimes we put expectations on someone else and when they do not respond to our so-called needs (most of the times they are actually wants), we get angry, annoyed or upset. Can you relate?

I bet you can!

This is such a normal element of the human condition.

Let’s take a minute to try and resolve this issue. The first thing is to look at yourself. What is it that you are doing wrong? I would say placing your happiness in someone else’s hands. When you do that, everything is doomed to fail. And until you learn the lesson, the Universe will give you plenty of people for you to realize that love comes from within, mainly because it cannot be manufactured. It can only be attained by reaching out to God. This is done by searching deeper within and finding the keys to your own freedom and happiness.

This can be simple but yet very complex. Especially if you have been entrenched in this pattern of behavior for some time. But don’t fret, all is solvable in this life!

Let’s look at the concept of the masculine and feminine energies. To start with, we should know that we all carry them both within. Once you get accustomed to this idea, things get easier. Trust me! The journey might be long, but it is less confusing and daunting when you have certain answers and guidelines.

Males like to be in power. Not for any particular reason other than that they are wired to instinctually want to protect and provide. For that they like to feel like they are needed- that makes them feel worthy and important. Females, on the other hand, are happy with just flowing and relating to others. Here is one of the first main differences which causes so much trouble in relationships.

If you are ready to learn more about this, book in a spot at our Balancing You- Masculine & Feminine Workshop November 14th at The Healing Centre. Bookings can be done on Facebook Aligning Therapies or on 0422168505

Until next time!


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