You thought you were a heroine. You wanted to save the world. Until you discovered you only wanted to save yourself. But for so long you had been ignoring yourself, oblivious to the fact that this Western culture of ours defends the rush and not the poor. The rich of heart that is. I mean, a vague misunderstanding that those who own are better off.

But in reality, no one told you that giving was better. No one suggested to you that you would feel awesome when you give back or you simply offer. Even if you are a Christian or a strict Buddhist devotee following the words of any of the preachers out there. No one will ever get to you through words because you have to experience it for yourself.

Many Jesus could be out there prophesising about the glories of the heart but it is not until you taste the glory of your own doings that you get to explore a mother side of you. That side of you that was ignored, obliterated by those you know, who told you would be this or that but never free, for you could never be ‘me’.

Me is an understatement anyways, an underestimate of the word God, which simply means Love.  When you care for others and you love yourself unconditionally you will stop learning about the truth and start embracing it. And that is, that you will no longer try to save yourself but instead you will become your own heiress, the heroine of your own story, who not only saves other people but first saves herself. Deeming herself important in the process of showing others they matter to her.

You matter my love and we tell you this with unconditional love.

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