Where is the male revolution? That one that comes from the heart. That one that accepts females for who they are.

It might be hard, you need to go very deep into your heart. But there you will find it- Love. It is the most sacred ever feelings that you will find in your journey of self-development. And the bugger is well-damn hidden! It is this way for a reason.

Yes, someday someone might have hurt you in the past. Probably you even hurt some other one. The thing is, that once you let that go, you can enjoy the fruits of your own bearing. And that, my friend, is called love. It is accepting yourself with all your flaws. It is letting yourself know that, no matter what, you will be there to hold yourself tight.

You don’t need a lover, not even a friend. All you need is yourself. A strong self who will turn up for you, who will cheer you up and be there for you when you most need it.

You don’t need a princess, nor even a queen! That is the old fairy-tale based on an ancient myth, that said people needed others because they couldn’t rely on themselves.

The modern hero, the most acceptable master is the one who masters his heart. He is the she of her demons and the he of his heart.

It is when you learn to love yourself despite your flaws, despite your human nature, your wounds and all your conditioned beliefs, that you let yourself love others. And this, leads you to letting yourself receive love. Remember dear reader, this is the other part of the equation.

It is all good and dandy when you love yourself and you love others, but if you haven’t mastered letting others love you, you have lost the battle.

The battle is won when the yin and the yang lock up in a beautiful dance. When because you need no one, you reach out to the other. Not out of desperation, because you are looking for someone or you are striving for the connection, but because you know the sweet taste of love and you want to experience it over and over again.

It is a love that is not dependant but dependable. One which allures of must, of won’t, of rose and a sweet and sour chilli scent that makes your senses blow out. It is a love that is incomparable to that which your human mind once made you look at. It is not sexual yet sincere, it is not sensual yet admirable.

It is the combination of passion and power, of misunderstandings and sweet findings. It is the purest essence confined in a bottle. And when the lid is open a beautiful aromatic scent fills the room you are in. It is so concentrated and so pure that even the sweetest essence of the heart would have never managed to be mine.

With this I mean that the sweetest scent is that which comes from a dependable male, a strong, powerful masculine figure who is at the same time sweet and minimalist. He strives for more, having the community at its core. He wants the best for the rest because he wants that for himself. And in his striving, he does not forget about others but neither about himself.

He places the same importance in giving than in receiving, in mastering the body as in conquering the mind. He is not afraid of being jealous because he knows that gives him the power to strive for more, to be a better person, to fight for those he loves. He knows misunderstandings can lead to great communication and that when he puts his intent onto something, he can achieve it because he is worthy.

He has worked hard and yet he knows the journey is not over until he dies. He will conquer his demoiselle but won’t do it sitting on top of a horse. He will be driving his eco-friendly car whilst throwing petals out the window to demonstrate that this planet needs love, that his queen is a mere sphere of this love but it is without a king that the kingdom is doomed to failure.

And so, he works harder, strives higher. He wants to demonstrate the world that he can do this because he knows he has got this. Some days he won’t be at hist best, he might be cranky or even down, but this is the art of living, that of learning to ride the wave.

So he will get back on his surfing board and swim farther to conquer his own joy. And in the peak of the crest he will let go of the sorrow and moss. He will fall backwards only to realize that he has this. He has his own power, he has got his own back. And this is one of the most important things that a male can give himself. Because without this he can’t give it to anyone else. Without this he is nothing.

So, my fellow brothers. This is a call for your revolution. A call to the peace of the heart and the solitude of the mind. A calling for the ego to be silenced so that the true warrior can emerge with might. That fighter who will save his queen, only because he knows he is the mightiest of them kings.

With peace and joy.

I love you.


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