Why are you really doing this? Is it for your own safety or sanity? Is it because someone else said that this is the way things should be done? Maybe to save your face or because you are scared?

What is the underlying motivation behind what you are doing? Be very clear and very precise. No hiding, no lying. State the truth.

When you lie to yourself you lie to others and life tends to become much more complicated than what it really is. So why lie? Why not be yourself?

Maybe along the track someone taught you that it was best not to be yourself, that when you were, you got hurt or did not belong and so you shut down that part and allowed yourself to believe what they once told you.

I don’t know and I don’t care but what I am here to say is that you better know what you are doing, you better be integral with yourself because otherwise the truth will chase you. And lies run faster than light. They eventually seem to be found and when they come out to the surface and the truth is unveiled, the disaster begins.

Catastrophes connect though, so don’t be ashamed. Whatever you did, own it. Whatever you said, let it go, but be sure to do the same with the rest so that when this happens nothing and no one is caught in the nest.

When you learn to forgive, to absorb, to let go, you manage to master the art of giving, the art of receiving and of being one’s true self. And this is the purest nature of life.

You are the Queen of the world, the master of your own heart. So, what are you waiting for? Why are you hiding? Why are you letting your past or other people’s intents be worse than what they are? Yes, it happened, yes they did that. So what? You can’t change that and that’s ok.

Please don’t mistake that for a lack of understanding. Compassion and awareness are learnt and earned. You cannot get to the other side of the mountain without climbing to the top. You may find a shortcut but the learning won’t be as strong. So battle hard, my dear reader, eat till you become fat and then realize that this life is just a dream and that whatever it is you did, you can leave it behind, learn from the lesson and become the wonderful human being that you came here to be.

Open your wings and fly. Become that real leader, the Queen that is in your heart. You can save her, you can save yourself. And then start transforming other princesses out there who are in need of help.

No one can receive what they do not give. Likewise no one can give what another does not receive. So, who cares if you are jealous, if you are judged as selfish or if your mother didn’t treat you right? You are here to change the world and that can only start with yourself.

This is the first step in your 21 day journey. Begin to feel the changes by exposing your heart to the wrath and then becoming more accustomed to it. It is only darkness and not might.

Courage is the absence of fear in the essence that fear does not exist but in your mind. All the battles start and are won there, so let’s begin by examining what’s inside. Are you ready?

Give us a call if you feel that this resonates with you. As complicated as it may seem we can make things easy for you by breaking them down into smaller steps and helping you understand what you once never had.

With love and light,


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