Full Moons

February Snow Full Moon

Dear readers, this Sunday will be February’s Full Moon.

As you may know, we host monthly Full Moon Group Guided Meditation Sessions at The Healing Centre in Mackay. This is a good opportunity for people to connect with their inner selves and get in tune with the Full Moon’s energy, which is said to be very powerful.

Full Moons are a great time for growth and expansion. They allow us to go deeper and further in our healing journey of self-development and knowledge about ourselves and God Source. This can be harsh and challenging or warm and loving. But there is definitely always a certain tanginess around the Full Moon period. This is why I have chosen the Full Moons as a significant date to post our monthly blog posts, (eventually our events newsletters) and to gather around in our Meditation Sessions.

In this road of deeper acknowledging our truths it is important to feel rewarded and welcome. So, the more the merrier! If you feel inclined to come along to our mediation sessions, do join us at The Healing Centre! I am aiming at further expanding our sessions to reach more people, having online sessions so people can connect from outside of town.

As for this February’s Full Moon, according to the Farmers’ Almanac, northeastern Native American tribes referred to the second full moon of winter as the Snow Moon because snow is prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere around this time of the year.

We are lucky to have a Full Moon coincide with a Supermoon this 2020, which obviously means there will be more charge in the air. This is not for you to be alarmed, simply to watch and enjoy other fellow human’s reactions and become more aware of your own behaviour. Triggers and past wounds can be reopened and fired for you to expand and evolve.

We are in it to win it, my beloved reader, so don’t let the power of the Full Moon daunt you. Instead, let it expand and evolve you and allow yourself to wrap yourself in a cocoon of love and understanding towards your fellow citizens and your own heart.

We would all benefit from more love and compassion and that can only come from each individual’s willingness to cooperate and hold a safe space of love rather than staying caught up in hurt and fear.

Our 2020 February supermoon will be one of the biggest moons of 2020 and it will look especially large when rising and setting. An awesome experience to watch for those of you who have the time or the patience to just sit and relax in the wilderness with no other purpose than that of feeling awestricken and marveled by Nature’s beauty.

Sending you much love,


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