Back again, back again!

With this March Full Worm Moon coming up, it is time for me to post something again. I have committed myself to do this regularly so you can get an insight of what’s going on in my mind. So you can learn what I am learning, so I can share with you my thoughts. 

Assisted by the Universe I am creating my thoughts, writing them down and putting them into words so you can all benefit from this common Awareness. But enough of this bantering, let’s get to the core.

The other day I went to the shop. All I wanted to do was get something to make my ego feel better. In becoming more aware I am realising we are basically a persona.

It is only when we tap into the power of God that we can make magic. Simply because we step out of our own ways and we let the Universe dictate what it is we are here to do. 

The trick is to let everything go. For when you think with your ego mind you are limited. Your thoughts tend to be distorted because they come from a vantage point of wanting to fulfill the ‘me” that is in You.

And what is the ‘me’ anyways but a mere reflection of what society has created itself into becoming? You know, your mother said that, father assumed that and brother acted like that…. All this means is that your defensive ego became a character. It started to interact and, based on fear and not on love, it reflected other people’s’ frights.

When we tap into the power of love, everything is possible, because God is greater than your thoughts. It is not based on trying to fulfil your ego’s needs, but your Highest Will. This is the power of God.

All it takes is a thought- a thought to surrender and let go. The rest is history. Your persona won’t be the same and when your ego kicks in, it will be so quiet that you won’t even hear it. God’s greatness will be the only way because you will believe in the power of Its dreams.

I mean, it is all very complicated, yet so simple. Just surrender to What Is and that includes to being what you are meant to be. Do not give in to your ego’s story and let the rest unfold. Life would be less complex if we were all to do this! 

Are you ready for the ride?

We are here for you!

Tapping into the power of the Full Moon is something that we do. With our group guided Full Moon meditations we intend to connect you with your heart, to let grow and evolve your inner child so that you can tune into the power of God and let everything else go.

If you are keen to doing any sessions with us, let us know! We offer one-on-one and group sessions as well as courses. All spiritually based and personalised so that each individual meets his/her own needs by tapping into the glorious power of God and surrendering their ego thoughts. 

Until next time.

Much love, 


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