Get Yourself Back Up!

How do you get yourself back up?
I mean, let’s face it, we all have our “bad” days and our “bad” moments. You are in a High and then your partner comments on your business strategy- “you are posting too much”, when you were actually proud of yourself for listening to his advice a few months back and becoming more consistent with your posts….
Your best friend tells you about her horrible day and suddenly all your worries and pains have to be put in the back burner because hers seem even more painful…
It is pouring down and you get totally drenched as you gently put baby inside the car whilst he has a meltdown because he has had enough of waiting in the car for your step kids to get out of class…
Your client cancels on you and your new course is being declined… You have no income and your high hopes come running down as you see the next month’s financial stream disappear down the drain… All your hard work all your hours spent in front of the computer unpaid. 

How do you get yourself back up?!

How do you deal with what life is throwing at you and manage yourself in those moments when life seems to be kicking you in the guts?

When your support system crumbles down and instead of supporting you they are wearing you down…

You know, the real deal is that they aren’t actually there to support you! They are teaching you that only YOU can get yourself back up! No matter how much help or love you receive, if you aren’t able to give them and receive them to and from yourself at a human level, then you are done! You might as well go Home 
No biggie! This is a learning process. You’ve got this❤ Some days you will get it right and others you will take a longer time. All you need is to persevere.

I personally do yoga. I go within and become vulnerable and raw with myself. And with others. I face the truth.

“Yes, you are alone. You are in this life to experience your own so go deeper within and face your darkness… Alone, with no support, feeling the pain and the agony, the stress and the turmoil. All of it is yours.” This is what I tell myself.

And when I have opened up to the truth and accepted it. When I have become one with it, then things start to shift 🥰

🌟 “This is your life and you are here to shine! YOU are the one and only in charge of changing it! Not him or her or anyone else but Y O U!!!
You are here to shift your own self, to give and receive love and embody this journey of self-care and trust.” 🌟

So trust yourself and all the skills you have learned. Trust God and Universe and all the plans that lay ahead. Trust that no matter how and why you will be OK.
This is for you, beautiful people!
Trust yourself and trust God!

Much love,


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