A butterfly’s beauty is extremely soft. It is powerful and astonishing and at the same time, so gentle and calming. The best thing is that it does it effortlessly, because it just is. It puts  no makeup on, no extended lashes, no self-tanning creams. A butterfly’s beauty simply is.

Butterflies can’t see their own beauty. Just like them, we are endangered species. We think with our hearts and get caught in our minds.

If we were to express the beauty of our own hearts, life would be so different. We would not have to lie and hide, walk with our shields up or put our masks on the moment we cross our front door.

Despite the fact that the truth in life is that everything that you give for free shall be returned to you, we all seem to still point the finger at each other and blame the rest for the images we see. This means anger, jealousy, sadness and beauty are all returned to you so you can have the chance to polish your mind.

So, what vibration are you putting out there that you will receive?

When we talk to one another we can access the beauty of our own thoughts. Some are like weeds, some are like flowers that were once sown by a fruitful gardener, who was hopeful in his/her dreams.

Be like a butterfly, my dear reader. Spread your wings and allow the Universe to provide you the mirrors that you seek, so that you can see yourself reflected in the beautiful scene. Whether that is Nature, peace of mind or your own physical brightness. Let others reflect to you the image of yourself you want to see.

How can I do that? You may ask.

Let your mind be nice, kind, bright and light, so that everything it projects becomes a reflection of this peace.

May we all become a beautiful butterfly. Our light needs to shine, not necessarily for our own selves but for others to see.

Will you step out of your cocoon?!
NOW is the time, courageous caterpillar

Spread your wings, butterfly. You are here for others to see.

If this is too complicated, let me explain myself. Feel free to book in a 20-minute free consultation session with me and allow me to help you understand what it is I do. I can help you access the depths of your thoughts so you can explore them and transform them into purity and light.

Email- alignigntherapies@gmail.com

Facebook – Aligning Therapies

Are you ready to become a beautiful buttefly?
Fly with me.


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