Dear Coronavirus,
Thank you for uniting us online. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to raise up to life’s challenges and now, more than ever, unite forces as One. Thank you for the countless hours that lightworkers, healers, nutritionists, dreamers… are putting into their social media and websites to make this world a better place.

Numerous hours of free meditation sessions, breathing exercise techniques and informational teachings. All to improve the community. All, in order to help each other out.

Everyone putting out there what they know and can at this crucial time of our lives, when the importance is shifted to people. Returning back to the fundamental love in our hearts.

The importance lays in working with our minds. Instead of letting them work against us, we are uniting with power and might. A quiet revolution- one based in love and not fear, in cooperation, collaboration, gratitude and Oneness.

Let’s bring this world together
Here, my little grain of sand- Full Moon Meditation Sessions online, from the comfort of your own home (until further notice). Tune in to the Zoom links I will be posting before the day on our Facebook site Aligning Therapies.
Much love,

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