It’s that time of the month again, around the Full Moon’s energy. Time when we write our blog entry.

In isolation, or not, sometimes things need to break down before they get better. Not because they have to, but because with our limited mind beliefs we don’t know any better.

If you are currently in disbelief, thinking or knowing “it is me”. Know that this situation will change. That your thoughts will never remain the same and your power lies in your dreams. Those dreams that were put in your heart, not by your mind but by God’s.

And when I talk about God, I talk about Universe. I talk about the healing power of Divine Intelligence. That knowing that, no matter what is, everything just is. This means that at any given time anything can be altered, either by fear, your ego and mind or by love and respect.

It is your choice. Yet sometimes the choice of stepping away may solve many challenges before you are able to face your own thoughts. Once we deal with them, once we become one with God, then nothing is forsaken because you become unshakeable.

Be the wings so you can fly, dear reader. The path lays behind. It was never in front of you because it has already passed. You are It and It is One. So in wonder, ask yourself Why?! Not with fear, not out of support, but knowing that you’ve got the whole Universe backing your thoughts.

So what are you thinking today? Where are your thoughts? If they are nowhere to be seen or too hard to live the dream, then it is time to say goodbye and start listening to the voice of God.

Simply place your hand on your heart and allow yourself to express and explore the wonders of the spiritual world given to you by Source.

Much love and compassion in this path towards true Love.

Let go of thoughts.

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