Flower SuperMoon

Dearest readers, 

With the Full Moon approaching, it is time for me to write another blog entry. 

It is exciting to know we can always tap into the Full Moon’s energy and go with it. Simply tune in to its flow and allow ourselves to become whole and one with it. 

It feels bizarre to know that we have disconnected ourselves to much from our True Nature. We are One with All, and yet, as individual entities we seem to want to deviate our attention into perpetuating this existentialism based on duality, extremities and separation. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to stand out and make oneself rise by focusing on our strengths as individuals. What I am saying is that sometimes, this same disconnection that is teaching us to continuously propel our energies into wanting more, striving for more, desiring the next, is actually keeping us apart from What Is. 

And what is What Is? It basically is YOU. It is your essence, it is the very purpose and nature for which You have been created. Without the masks, the impositions, the conditioned behaviour that you have learned along the lines of time. 

Yes, your mum might have said this or that, your dad might have not been the best example to be around. But, at the end of the day, as we become empowered in ourSelves and the True Nature of Who We Are, we can let it all blow away with the wind. We no longer focus on our past or what made us the way we are, but instead, we focus on our strengths and on how it is we can give ourselves and help others for the good of all. 

So, if you too are searching for your inner connection. If you too are lost, in despair or seeking to reach an intimacy within, maybe it is time for you to take a step back and relocate your True Core, so that you too can be Who You Really Are. 

By focusing on Nature, we release the attention we place on ourselves and we fear not, because we know we are part of this All. 

So, much courage in your Journey, beautiful soul. I wish for you the best. 

And if, in the meantime you would like to connect, know there is a world out there waiting for you to be Your True Self. 

This May 2020 Full Moon is actually the last Supermoon of this incredible year, which has tested us, surprised us and thrown us all out of whack. Maybe for a reason, maybe for us to relax, step back and rejoice in the pleasures of Nature. 

You can tune in online to our Full Moon Meditation- check out our events page on Facebook for more details. 


You are loved. 


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