Full Strawberry Moon

June’s Full Moon is approaching, which means… it is time for another blog entry!

This Full Moon is going to prove interesting, my beautiful readers. With everything that is going on in the world, you’d say we should have learned our lessons by now.

It seems thought that History repeats itself. And this is because the Universe won’t let go! Until the lesson is learned, the experience keeps repeating itself over and over and over until the individuals involved rise in Consciousness and let go of anything that is not Awareness in Love.

So, it seems we still have much to learn. At an individual level and hence, as a collective.

My message this Full Moon is a gentle reminder to ask yourself- What will you gift yourself today?!

Remember YOU are important too 💗 Give yoursef the gift of some precious and well-deserved me-time, fill your love cup and let the world take care of what’s around. I know we have been taught that doing that is selfish, but believe me when I tell you that this is half of the world’s problems.

We are all so scared of doing what we like, enjoying our lives, for fear of judgment and being labelled selfish. We have learned it is more acceptable to lie, hide, cover ourselves behind a mask. Where is the power of rawness, the power of Life?!

You are beautiful just the way you are, so acknowledge your wants, listen to your emotions and give yourself some space. Cut yourself some slack!

You will be a better mother, better lover, better person for taking care of yourself as well. And you will be able to take care of others as well when your love tank has not run out of gas.

You deserve yourself 💯 and you don’t need to prove to anyone you are perfect!!! Because you are not! No one is!

So, bake the cake! Strawberry, rose, red velvet… bake that yummy, tasty cake and make it as delicious as life. Because you deserve it. Because life is meant to be lived fully. And if you aren’t, then you are wasting your time.

Your time on Earth, your time in space. It is precious!

Bake that cake! And make it worth it. 

Add strawberries or champagne. Just know I am using this term as a synonym of doing what you like! As long as you are not consciously hurting anyone, then that is fine! Baking is an art of creation and so is healing and so is living.

So today, what cake are you going to bake? What healing will you undertake?

Will you allow yourself to go deeper or will you choose to stay where you are, cry and attach to the past? 

You know, baking is a process, it takes time. Just like healing, breathing, loving, living… they are done over time. This allows for emotions, perspective, systems of belief and thoughts to move, change, shift and bend.

If you would like to tune in to the power of the Full Moon, harness its energy and work through to your Truth, then get in touch with us. Come to our Guidrd Group Full Moon Meditation sessions and relax. 

I promise I will take you deeper, but only as deep as you want to allow yourself to go. The boundaries are set by your inner intent. 

Much love in your Journey 



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