Full Corn Moon

It’s this time of the month again! Tonight’s Full Moon is inspiring me to be a better version of myself.
Throughout this cycle I have realized that it is not so much about our problems but about what WE want.

Sometimes life teaches us through experiences what we don’t want, so as to help us become more specific about what we DO want.
The trick is to overcome the ego’s self-doubt, misinformation, miscommunication and lack of confidence, to know that no matter what, you will be fine.
Because really what matters is not whether somebody calls you selfish or if they label you crazy. What really defines Who You Are is your self-responsibility- about your words, actions and thoughts and how you project them into this three-dimensional world.
So today I challenge you to ask yourself what it is that you are doing with your life. How are you acting, responding or reacting to the events in it and how are you viewing and labelling the experiences that are presented and manifested into your realm of existence?
If the answer doesn’t resonate with Who You Are- which is basically Love, peace and harmony, then there is something out of whack.
You can always work on your self-alignment. All you have to do is bring yourself back into the vibration of Love. Sometimes easier said than done!

But, know that you can always get there! With the will, the determination and consistency, all can be achieved.
It is our task to become more and more responsible of Who We Are, so that the image that we want to project aligns with that of Source- which is simply unconditional love.
I really wish that you start enjoying YOUR life. By knowing what you want and doing what your soul truly desires you will open up the world to manifesting from a Grander Level.

Much courage,


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