With the Full Moon approaching, it is time for our new blog entry.

This Full Moon is all about constructing. November’s Full Beaver Moon shows us the hard work it takes to prepare for winter.

How is your inner work going? Are you creating limitations and dams that won’t help you in your path? Are you containing something that you should just let go of?!

Some pointers on the MASCULINE & FEMININE energies that can help you in your relationships.

Spark up the passion, rekindle the romance for Love & Life!

In judging another and condemning their past, don’t we become self-righteous in our own path?

If this reality is here to teach us how to embody and give unconditional love, then forgiveness is needed to those who have not done a good deed. And that includes ourselves, by the way.

It seems so much easier to blame, point the finger and condemn, instead of taking ownership and responsibility for our own self- worth.

Our self-worth and validation don’t stem from the external world. Instead, they stem from alignment with our inner Self. This Soul Self that is eternally searching, seeking and wondering to discover and embody Love.

When we reach it, when we get there, the path will reveal whether we ourselves are doing good deeds or not.

Now, I don’t mean to say that we ought to accept every behaviour. Some behaviours are wrong. Not because they do not ascribe to society’s norms, but because the individual has shown a total disconnect from Source. When we are in misalignment, we choose the Dark. We no longer care, we become detached and we choose fear instead of love.

This ought to be forgiven, not condemned. The more we condemn another, the more we shame them and judge their acts, the more we are putting ourselves in the same basket of shame, unworthiness, hatred and self-sabotage.

The female energy becomes very judgmental, whilst the masculine condemns himself for not being good enough. He knows he has faltered, he has failed the mark, not been good enough to God. He has failed Him and disappointed himself. He doesn’t need the female reminding him by nagging him all the time.

He needs his space, to take a breath, watch his thoughts, redeem his actions and show himself some love so he can forgive himself and move on. This is how the male works.

When he is interfered. When he is not left alone, when he is not allowed to be with his emotions and his thoughts, his energy becomes entangled in the female’s sense of worthlessness. The fight then begins. She is angry at him and he is angry at himself. He doesn’t need a reminder, he needs a compassionate hand, a shoulder to lean on, a loving, caring woman beside.

STOP. Breathe.

You are good enough.

You are good enough the way you are.

The masculine tends to want to do. It is through doing it thinks it achieves.

The feminine sits with her own peace.

No right or wrong answers.

There simply is.

We all harness a male & female energies within.

Much love,


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