Why so gossipy? Why so bossy?!
Why become the energy that comes from the Darkness instead of shining your own Light?

You are entitled to your own opinion and YOU are good enough! If you don’t feel that way inside, there is no point in pointing the finger at your masculine counterpart.

It may feel nice to be the nice one but in the end, where does that take you if not to have to become the victim of an aggression?

Don’t force that upon your man! He is worthy of love and respect as much as you (the feminine) are.

We do not need another female recreating the pattern that may have happened in the past.

He is not that way. You are free and safe.

Just remember that the next time you are wanting to berate him to your girlfriends, betray him or stab him in the back.

He too feels your lack of support.
Much love,

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