Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy 2021 and Happy New You!

Or that is how the saying goes, anyways.

I have discovered that there is no such thing as a New Me. There is simply a Me. And that Me, I choose to be.

Whatever I say, not say, choose to create or not manifest… it is all up to me. And hence I have decided to honour the process, honour the show and get rid of all the expectations and the external goals to get to a destination, to finish this show.

It will never be finished anyways! Even when we die, we take with ourselves that what we haven’t dealt with. So, why leave it for another life time?!

Do it NOW!

Your time is NOW.

In saying this, this year has began with a great reminder to me that all I have to do is to BE. No more achieving and proving my worth, I simply have to BE and let BE.


It sounds so simple, yet sometimes it is so hard.

We have grown up with the belief that the #themorewedothemoreweare.

The thing is, that the more you do, the deeper you dive in the rat race of achieving. Trying to prove the world our worth is like eating healthily and exercising every day and expecting someone else to reap the benefits of our health.

No one, and I repeat, NO ONE can be proud of you if they don’t choose to be.

No one, and I repeat, NO ONE can care about, choose, be polite or be kind to you if they don’t want to.

And that is fine! That is up to them! It has nothing to do with You or your own worth!

This life is For you but NOT About You.

So, put up your grown-up pants on and face the world.

Face it with your shame and your blame, with your fears and your disgrace.

Face it with all you have, with all your mighty because in the end, it doesn’t matter if he chooses you or her, if she is to blame or he won’t face his own pain and he is trying to project it onto someone else.

No projection, rejection or validation can make us feel whole again because this feeling is totally up to us. And every single one of us needs to make that internal choice.

What you embody, what you say, what you relinquish and project, this is all about You and no one else.

So, let them be themselves.

Let them choose and decide, ignore or come back.

You do you and focus on BEING MORE and DOING LESS.

You’ll be amazed at the results you get when you see the world from this Higher Perspective.

Much love to you all,


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