Power to the feminine. Not to the woman but to the female. Because we are all One. Because there is non-existence in this three-dimensional world. That space of Love, that high-quality experience in which we can transcend our own thoughts and that information passed down and passed up from our older, yet sometimes wiser generations.

Because there is power in the female.

Not to reintroduce the feminist matriarchal system but to balance the old-antiquated patriarchal system in which the male got enmeshed in an ego fight for power and control. Basing life on fear and not on love.

Yes, she hated him because she hated herself. She was not wise enough to choose right, and instead she deviated from the Light.

She cursed him, berated him because she berated herself.

The female ought to emerge. Not from the ashes, but from her own pain. From the burns and the hatred she imposed on herself.

The male, well, he knows best.

He knows what it is to be in connection with Higher Source.

Why hasn’t he followed this? Because he got caught up in the sensual game. That by which she made him burn the witch at the stake. Not because she wanted it but because she did not want him to see her Dark side.

Basically, she sinned, she blamed him and he feared her skill.

He did not know His power always resided within.

Let me give you the keys to the code-

She (the feminine) sinned, she (the feminine) blamed him (the masculine), and he (the masculine) feared her (the feminine’s) skill.

He (the masculine) did not know His (God’s/Source’s) power always resided within.

Knowing that there is a masculine & a feminine energy within all of us and that we are all One-

⚜ I am not here to blame but instead to understand.

⚜ I am not here to berate but instead to pick you up.

⚜ I too have suffered, I too have been in pain.

⚜ I too have chosen to transcend.

You can do this.

Call me.


Photo: Inspired Stock Shop

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