Heart Chakra


The masculine energy is seated in the lower chakras- power, stability, self-willingness, planning, control.

The feminine energy resides in the upper chakras- freedom, flow, Higher Connection with Source, empathy, seeing for what is.

The masculine and feminine energies have been withdrawn, emptied, controlled.

This confusion has led to a competitive society, based on a false patriarchal role.

The feminine is AS important as the masculine. So is he.

When both are aligned and listen to their hearts, they tune in to Source, they become One with Love.

When this doesn’t happen, the male tries to be female and the female tries to be male, in an attempt to balance and counteract the opposite sex.

Not talking about gender, but in fact about real sex.

When the sexual organs interact from the soul, the connection, the unity, the peace that comes from the Whole is created in an orgasmic reality manifested through this three-dimensional reign.

When this doesn’t happen, we run around trying to prove our worth, prove our point, be acknowledged, feel seen, feel heard. The world starts and ends within.

What are you waiting for?

Why prove anything to others and not to yourself?

The inner balance has to come from within.

When you understand that, that everything comes from this yin force, the yang and connection fall into place and manifests into reality.

Manifest from a space of love, create from a place of understanding and conscious awareness and be sure to tune in to Source. That is all you need.

When the male and the female experience communion within, partnerships flourish and relationships heal.

Are you ready to do the change by looking within?

We can help you unveil your blockages so you too can get in touch with your masculine yang and feminine yin.

This is the way the world needs to be able to manifest creation, through a space of balance, connection and inner union within.

Once again, what are YOU waiting for?!


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