Maybe we are. I have this strong belief that we will return to the initial system of Patriarchy. Not the one that was eventually imposed, but the one which came from God.
There seems to be so much negativity around this topic. Feminists are against it, even males don’t know where to sit. So they sit on the fence.
Where are your balls my dear macho men?
Why aren’t you fighting for what is yours?
Your Kingdom, your God.
The female is beautiful but so is the male.
He is brave, courageous, elegant and straight. Or at least he can be.
What happened to this though?
How come he got infected by the fear bug?
Males, rise to your liking. Become the warrior that you are meant to be.
Rise to your call, begin again.
Make sure you do it right this time, though.
Make sure you come from your heart, fight for what’s right and protect your feminine side. That is the one you harbour inside.
The moment you start doing that, you will feel inclined to protect the beauty that stands by your side. Yes, she can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but so can you!
With your powerful ways, your convincing nature, your emotions out of control, you are beautiful the way you were made!
There is beauty in all natural.
So why lie and hide? Why conceal yourself behind a leaf, beat around the bush?
Why not use your super power to be Who You Really Be?
That is wild, humble, heart-centred, nice. You are a kind being. You have just forgotten it.
Don’t worry, I’m not surprised. With so much going on, the media telling you what is right and wrong, the feminine rebelling against your Throne. No wonder you are made to believe you are the aggressor, the perpetrator, the bad guy, the indifferent macho man that nobody wants.
You are not that.
Why did you choose to believe that lie?
Somebody one day, interfered with fear and you lost control. You gave it all away.
It is time to regain your power, to stand your ground and exert self-control, protect your wife, ignore your past and move forward with courage and might. Not forgetting but letting go. Not believing but trusting God.
You are here to roar and shine. What are you waiting for?
To you, my beautiful male.
It is time for the Great Patriarchy to begin again.


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