Emotional Alchemy

Oh yes!!!
I used to be terrified about answering the question…
“What have you been up to today?”

As a 15, 18, 21 year-old living in a Catholic country where everyone is severely judged, my spiritual & emotional inner healing sessions were barely understood by myself, let alone my peers and anyone my age…

Over the years I learned to feel comfortable with saying…
“Not much…”
Even though I knew that was a lie.

But I couldn’t explain what was going on, I sometimes felt emotionally spent after a day of inner work, but could not share it with anyone else…

I felt ashamed because I knew my day was full and yet I couldn’t really say I had accomplished much…
Externally that was…
Based on what society is used to saying an accomplishment is, that was…

It’s taken me years, and years, probably decades and I’d say lifetimes (😱😅👌) to learn to be comfortable with my inner war, knowing that my work is not in vain, knowing that my contribution to Humanity is more than worthy.
I can now see the fruits of my own hard inner work…

I thank God for allowing me to have the beautiful family I have, which has helped me through my hard times and is there to cheer me and support me.

Thank you, because without them I wouldn’t have survived…
A bunch of crazy avantgardes who were ahead of their time.

And so it is that with their help and support, 160000km away from home, I have managed to survive the conditioning from Spain (😱🖤💃) and I can know put to helpful practice what I learned (and keep learning) about myself.

Without you I would be nothing🖤💖
Much love,

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