Amanda Capelo

Owner & Manager of

Aligning Therapies

How many versions of us are there?

Welcome! It is so great that you are reading this.

I am here to help you help yourself with your demons, addictions and unresolved past, so that you can make sense of your present and move forward into a future of your own creation.

Over the years I have realized the more I let go and surrender to God (call it Universe, Mother Nature or Source), the better I can accomplish the task I have been here assigned in this planet Earth.

Do you want to follow me? 

Come with me into this journey and I will show you what it is to find unconditional love and then live it and love it so that you can express it IN YOUR OWN WAY. And yes, that is the trick, dear reader, making this experience yours.

For you are a unique individual with aims, goals and tastes and that should be revered and not reversed. What needs to be worked on is your past conditioning – the upbringing that led you to who you are. So that if in this moment in time or the near future you are willing to change, adapt or mold a certain aspect of yourself you can do so freely.

So be you, dear reader and watch the magic unfold.

For any questions or bookings get in touch with me!

Amanda’s Services
  • Energetic Love Coaching
  • Reiki Healings
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Chakra Bed Healings

Troy Keith

Owner & CEO of

Aligning Therapies

Troy is an amazing healer. He is here to help. His skills in counselling massage therapy and Reiki healing amongst others make him an exceptional coach.

Troy’s Services
  • Energetic Life Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Chakra Bed Healings