Narcissistic Compass

I do believe we are all in the Narcissistic spectrum. Just like we are all in the Autistic spectrum, the Depression spectrum and the Awareness spectrum.

It is not that somebody is better than anyone else, but more so that we are in different stages of evolution.

Who is to judge anyone else based on their own circumstances or affairs? What is to say that the person who is being judged for being inferior or less aware than somebody else won’t just simply click and get it from one day to the next? Other people take a longer time-months, days, years, to acquire what somebody else might not or gets in less time.

We are all different, all unique.

My understanding is that judgement, just as comparison, is a killer of the human dream. It is the main reason why we are here- finding ourselves in the duality of separation rather than living in the bliss of being.

It is not easy, some may say.

It is not hard either.

One must commit themselves to their inner path. Not for glory or the glorification of one’s attributes or heart but because one is willing to see that everything comes from within.

From then on, we can contribute to changing society, changing the world.

Until then, we lay dormant in the illusion of separation, comparison, judgement and berating others for being inferior or worse than we ourselves think of who we are.


Maybe Narcissism, just like other mental disorders and values are, is simply a compass. Maybe that is the totality of the concept and we all tap into it sometime or another, in some cases more than others.

So, the next time you catch yourself judging someone else or accusing them of being Narcissistic, remember that this condition is also in yourself.

Remember that you are doing more harm than good when you put a label onto someone else and expect them to change.

The moment we accepted that being gay is ok, that being Autisitc doesn’t mean one is not intelligent, that Depression can be addressed from love rather than from fear, things start to change and so do people.

The moment we stop judging ourselves or trying to project our own Darkness onto someone else, things start to change and so do people.

It is not easy to acknowledge the deeper Darkness that lays within ourselves. Sometimes we can’t even recognize it because it is buried so deep within and we are so accustomed to our own vibration that no matter what, we are able to judge others but unable to see it in ourselves.

But the moment this changes, the moment you realize what you say about somebody else you are trying to shirk away from yourself, maybe, and only maybe you will start to pay more attention.

Maybe you will realize you are playing this illusional game in which judgement and separation keep you superior from the Narcissist or the Depressed.



What if it is in you but you simply cannot see it until you are reflected onto someone else?

And how do we achieve this?


Yes! As tough as it may sound, sometimes relationships are the battlefields for our own wars.

When we learn to be AT PEACE WITH WHO WE ARE- failures, regrets, resentments and all, we can stop judging others and focus solely on improving ourselves.

When we do this, the whole world around us improves. And of course, so do people too.

So, give him the benefit of the doubt and stop judging her for her Narcissist ways. Yes, they might be a Narcissistic Beach, but SO ARE YOU IN SOME WAY!

Are you with me?!

Many blessings to you!

If you wish to find the Narcissistic within you, give me a Yeah!

Reach out, get in touch, make yourself available for me to help you out.

I’d love to find out your deeper blockages to Being Who You Are.

You are a Beautiful Narcissistic Beach and I love that.

For more info on how you can heal within the relationship with your Narcissist, get in touch on

Aligning Therapies- Facebook & Instagram

Much love,


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