Beautiful Mosaic

By Nostraamandamus

We are all just a piece in this beautiful mosaic of life. When you try to force the pieces together, they don’t comply but when you find the right piece, it is so easy to make it fit. Maybe there is actually a fitting for each and everyone of us. Maybe we just have to find where we belong and give it our all.

Sometimes we are blinded by fear- sometimes we get in our own way. But when we manage to stick to the word of God and that which It has promised to us, we bear the fruit of Its understanding.

We can’t see the Bigger Picture! It is impossible to act upon the Grander Scheme of things from the little ego perspective. And so it is that we ought to operate from faith and do it so from the Darkness to succeed.

We succeed when we surrender- when we surrender to the word of God.

And there is a journey into getting to know Its word- getting to know how God speaks to us. Even that part of the journey is about submitting and surrendering to Something bigger than you.

Your ego will try to deceive you and lead you into the comfortable places that it has always known. Whether that is a negative pattern of behaviour, a responsive thought or an extreme emotion, the ego can only come at you with what is familiar.

So in order to step further into the Knowledge of God, we ought to step outside our comfort zones and let go of everything that we were taught and that we once learned. The journey hence, becomes a path of understanding, undoing and letting go.

Sometimes it might be painful, other times it might seem alright, but in every case, an act of courage is asked from us. Courage to face the unknown and to do our best in overcoming our fears. This is the only way out and into freedom- into the World. Not the world as we so know it, but the Real World of God, where everything is provided.

So the trick is, will you trust in the word of God my dear reader, or will you stay stuck in your limited ego beliefs? Will you be more powerful than your own thinking or will you keep masking Yourself with your identified self?

It is always all up to you. No one can make you or force you into anything you do not want to do. So choose wisely, act bravely and decide what you want to do with your life.

When you live with courage everything is possible, for you place your faith in God, which in essence is Love. Nothing else matters in this world or any other, because nothing else really exists. All we are here to do is to incarnate in a body and a planet that allow us to access a canvas on which to paint the reality of our thoughts- will you choose to follow your ego or will you choose to jump on board with God?

Until I connect with you again, stay safe, be brave.

With Love.

A & T

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