What the hell happened to society and where the Hell did we end up living?

The truth is, you and I well know, that society is wrecked. There is a perfect imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies. This is due to the imbalance that we carry within, which is unfortunately also expressed without. So in order to heal the world, we ought first to heal ourselves.

If this is you, if this is the point at which you find yourself to be in your life, then this is for you my fellow reader. I would like to ignite your passion and your life so that you get started in whatever project you once had in mind. Only then can you start to become the real You, the one you were always meant to be.

Experience it for yourself, my dear reader. That’s what life is all about. At the end of the day, who cares who did what and where went who? The main thing is that you have learned your lessons and you take life with a pinch of salt, only to then add a teaspoon of sugar and spice- just enough. Try to avoid sugarcoating or you’ll end up having to face the truth anyways.

Face your fears, become your might and take care of your soul first, without forgetting your form. Stop sugarcoating things, my love. Stop trying to be who you aren’t and stop pretending to be the person that one day someone taught you to be like. You are You -you are the only version of yourself that exists and that is wonderful! That is phenomenal, really.

In fact, if we all were to be ourselves, if we threw our masks away and stopped pretending to be someone who we aren’t, we would find ourselves living much happier lives.

So then, what are you waiting for, my roaming friend? Why not start now, why not take away that mask and let go of your inhibitions so that you can let God in and out of your Life?

This is the only example I can give you- drink a glass of water. The content of it is no longer in the vessel that it was contained in, it has been transferred onto another basin. And that basin is the full you.

When we empty our content onto someone else, we begin to see the priceless treasure of Life and the enormous Gift of being Ourselves that God has given us. I am not talking about our conditioned ego self, but about the amazing Human Beings that we were meant to be at fate. That soul incarcerated in a body that is here to shine its light, to empty its content onto others. Not the rotten content, mind you- the one conditioned by an egotistical lie, but the good one (in fact, the best one). And that can only be the essence that you are!

So, dear reader, once again I get to ask you- what are you waiting for to live the life you dream, the one that God has put out there for you as your gift? Let go of your identified persona and start listening to that inner voice. It will guide you to phenomenal places, where not only the ego will be challenged but the mind will be intrigued. Listen to your heart, take care of your gut and place everything together so that in alignment we can all become One.

In love, light and peace.

Namaste. I mean, I see you!


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