September is over and it’s time for new things.

With the Full Moon, it is time for our new Blog Entry. One in which we reflect, ponder upon life, our spiritual path, our Purpose in Life.

Welcome my fellow reader. We are hoping you are finding yourself well and you are benefiting from this Full Harvest Moon’s energy.

The energy is intense, the vibration is powerful.

Today we would like to dive deeper into what it is to BE. Because when you are, you are sufficient, you are enough. There is nothing you need to do, nothing that needs to be said. You are You and that is fine.

We welcome you to join us in our future #10minsmonthmeditation challenge. We just finished one in the month of September and will be running others in the coming months. This is a beautiful challenge in which we encourage you to #meditateandconnect. From the comfort of your own space, your own home and at your own rhythm, you pick the time. 10 minutes of meditation a day for wonderful benefits that can be truly reaped. I promise you.

This month’s Full Moon is all about harvesting. So, the question is

What have you sowed and what are you reaping?

You will most surely harvest the results of your own planted thoughts, so I am hoping you are coping, you are managing them alright. If you aren’t, there is more space and time for you to find your True Purpose deep inside. It is all in the practice, the patience, the task of doing it.

When we put ourselves to the task, we allow ourselves to be. We can then achieve everything and anything we think, do and please. The trick is to get ourselves out of our own way so we can Source’s Plan unfold.

So, this month we challenge you to master your thoughts.


By mastering your emotions you can master your thoughts.

Or is it the other way around?

We don’t know!

What I do know is that we are complex beings and that everything is interconnected. See, we are One. So, when one thing is mastered, the other thing follows behind. When you are able to be mindful in your life, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions become more aligned with the essence of Who You Are. This is the real deal- tapping into Source Universe and letting everything else go.

Whatever is redundant, heavy, dense or outdated can be left behind only for you to follow the path of your inner Mind. This is the Mind that is connected with Oneness, the Mind that is following the heart.

We encourage you to stay calm in this journey within. God is constantly speaking to you through thoughts. The more you allow those thoughts to breathe and be released, the more info you will find in the emptiness that it is to BE.

Much courage in your spiritual path, dear reader.

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So much more to come,


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