Unearth your love, your passion and your beliefs. We don’t want them any more!

We want you PRESENT, we want you RAW. We want you so unhinged, so unearthed that you no longer know who you are or what you want.

That is the moment in which Spirit stops and says Hi. That is the moment when your world crumbles down and you surrender to the Light. You cannot act in darkness. You cannot shine under a mask.

You have to be brave enough to put up with the fight. That is, deleting, decreasing and allowing what was to no longer be. The more you do that, the more you unearth, the more you will be able to sit with your Self.

This is a great wicket, my friend, this is a great show. You just have to be willing to surrender and let go. What of? Your old soul.

The persona you once created in yourself but which no longer can exist. So, let the thunder launch, let the mission sky rocket. Let the storm wash away your thoughts and your imagination be the sail to your boat.

You no longer need your old soul, you need your brave Self. The one that was waiting for you all along the way. It must have needed to be shaken and prodded. Now you are ready to be brave.

Let the Thunder of this Full Moon embrace your old self and rejoice in what you are becoming and allowing yourself to yell. Yell lightning, yell Light, shout compassion and love and might. Because we are here to raise the vibration of the Earth, to make awareness part of our daily plan. So we can all rise in Ascension and do it as a One Mind.

One Soul, One Mind, One God, One Heart.

One Love in this together, fighting against Darkness through surrender.

Surrendering to the Light, to what once was.


So unearthed that you no longer remember who that person you once were.

I like you.

You are loved, you are loveable. You are Love.

Be You.

Much LOVE,


#ascensionprocessbegins #aligningtherapies #loveandlight #thepassionfromwithin #unearthing

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