Back again, back again! It is that time of the month, close to the Full Moon when I find myself writing another entry to our blog.

When we realize we can do whatever we want, we get to experience and explore life under our own terms.

When we do that, we tend to discover that it was this what we were always looking for- the possibility of ruling ourselves under anarchy so we could do whatever we please.

Anarchy is a scary term. Everyone has always taught us that if we follow it, all will fall apart. The thing is, that when we live through a sense of self-honouring, gratitude and self-responsibility and not through self-hatred, anarchy works perfectly well.

Anarchy implies freedom. It implies loving yourself so much that you are willing to let go of any conditioned belief that set your identity to be the one that was in the current moment or the past. You no longer live to anyone else’s expectations. Instead, you live for and by self-imposed beliefs.

And with that freedom of ruling yourself, comes the responsibility of taking care of everyone else. You learn that the first and most important thing is to follow God (call it Universe, Higher Power, Higher Self or Source). The label doesn’t matter as long as you are following Love. That is all there is anyways!

We are conditioned to believe otherwise, but when you tune into Nature, when you follow your own system of anarchy and let the Higher Power take control, you get to live your life driven by the Bigger Picture and you realise that letting go of your unhelpful conditioned thoughts is essential for Enlightenment and evolution of Consciousness of the Whole.

The ideas, suggestions and precepts that have been passed down onto us generation after generation- well, yes, they served a purpose- they conditioned us to believe we could survive. Some were definitely helpful, but the thing is that, there no longer are any saber-toothed tiger chasing us around. Our dependency is no longer tied down to survival. We are here to work with Nature and work together as a Whole. Without this concept, we are done!

So, why pollute the atmosphere, throw rubbish in your own Home? The Earth is our temple, our home planet and people are our sons, our neighbours, lovers and members of our own Clan- this species that we call Human Beings. Why are we fighting and competing, carrying on like there is no tomorrow and thinking and believing that cars and beach houses are more important than health and Love?

I am not surprised that this topic of anarchy, self-rulership and responsibility towards God has come up around August’s Full Sturgeon Moon.

Sturgeons are called “primitive fish” because their morphology has barely changed since the end of the Triassic Era. And that is a very long time ago! Also, their life span can reach up to 55 years. That is a considerably long life span in the animal kingdom.

The thing is, that whilst sometimes, for survival reasons, staying in the comfort zone and unchanged, helps us decipher our environment better and reduces our death risk (it conserves our energy and allows the brain to feel safe because it knows how to react in scenarios that have already happened in the past), staying stuck in the same safe area is not always fun. It can be detrimental and actually counterproductive for our own evolutionary model.

Ultimately, as consciously aware individuals we have to decide who we want to be. We can no longer blame our parents or our parent’s parents. We have to become responsible for our own choices. This means that whatever is not working, no matter for how many generations it has been passed down, we ought to get rid of it. Release it to the Ether so It can deal with it. We can no longer be repeating old mistakes, staying stuck in our comfort zones, which don’t allow us to grow and evolve into Enlightenment- into Love.

Only with self-responsibility will come respect. Because we will honour and help one another based on our own anarchical ways. If I love me and live my life tuned in to my Higher Power, then I will love you and allow you to do the same.

So, what are you waiting for?! Are you going to blame me or will you become responsible for your own choices and dreams?

I am here for you.

Reach out if you have any questions or would like to go deeper in your path.


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